The Importance of the Health Certificate

What is a health certificate?

The travel certificate health certificate for pets is an essential document to be able to travel by air in and out of any country. In general, all countries allow entry with pets, who must be properly identified and healthy.

To travel, in the case of dogs and cats, they must:

  • Be older than 3 months of age

  • Have their vaccinations program up to date

  • Have a current internal and external deworming.

To corroborate this information, each country has different requirements, among them the travel certificate (explained more fully below).

Are there different requirements depending on the destination?

Yes. It is important that if you are going to leave Mexico, you should contact the embassy of the country to which you are planning to travel and request the requirements that the country will request to enter with your pet. Each country has its own requirements, and in some cases it will even be necessary t laboratory tests prior to the trip so that the sanitary authority of that country corroborates that the pet is free of any infectious-contagious disease that could put at risk different types of animals in the country of final destination or transit.

What are the specifications of the travel certificate?

The travel certificate is the document issued by a Veterinary Zootechnician, which guarantees that the pet in question is healthy and that it has (primarily and among other vaccines) the vaccine against rabies. It is printed on letterhead with the vet's professional identification number, address of origin and final destination where the family will spend their vacations. Said document must be accompanied by a copy of oth sides of the professional lisence of the veterinarian.

Important information to travel

  • Do not forget that the Rabies Vaccine must have been applied at least 30 days prior to the trip and be valid to fly with your pet

  • It is very important that your pet is also protected against fleas and ticks, since they will be in a place where they will potentially be exposed to the contagion of such parasites.

  • If you travel to the beach you must have your pet protected against heartworm disease.

  • Remember that your pet should always be up to date in preventive medicine and not only if they are going on a trip, prevention is the key to health.

If you have more specific questions, visit the page of Sagarpa Senasica where you can check the travel requirements for pets.

Also, you can come to Pet Point to learn more in detail all the necessary documentation to avoid setbacks and bad times.

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