The fear of treatments

Actualizado: 5 de ago de 2020

As a veterinary doctor I face different challenges when offering treatments to canine and feline patients, but none is as great as the fear of treatments presented by some of the owners. And this to a large extent I think is promoted by the bad information that they sometimes receive from any other person who is not a health professional and, why not, from their own experiences.

As veterinary doctors, we seek to offer owners a diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of each individual in relation to the response they are having to the recommended protocol, treatment that if not carried out will hinder the improvement of the individual. We understand that for fear of giving a specific medicine or prolonged use of it, there are doubts in our owners. It is therefore very important that they know that the office is a safe place, where there are no correct answers from the owners and where they can expose all the doubts and fears they have, this with the sole intention of improving quality and life expectancy from our dear patients.

When they have any doubts or fears about the treatment, it is better that they express it and discuss it with their veterinary doctor so that they leave and then they do not follow the protocol. Her fears are valid and a conversation with her veterinary doctor can help alleviate them and help improve the patient's health. It is worth noting that the longer the start of treatment is delayed, the health of our patients is likely to be more affected.

For me, as a health professional, this is one more degree of difficulty on a day-to-day basis, since I must find better tools that allow me to create a communication bridge between the owner and the medical staff. At Pet point we seek to be in constant training with the intention of being able to offer our patients the most current treatments offered by evidence-based medicine, and it is also sometimes necessary to carry out complementary analyzes in order to establish a comprehensive diagnosis.

This same constant training may mean that the action plan we followed last year for the same condition is no longer the best option, based on current evidence. We always try to explain to the owners the reasons for our decisions, but it has to be a clear conversation. It is essential for us to communicate when you have questions. We do not want them to leave the office without being convinced of the plan that we propose.

Veterinary doctors are always looking to promote the health of our patients and their happiness is our mission. Reach out to a professional and discuss your fears, don't let them affect your health or allow your cat or dog's health to deteriorate.

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